Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am so elated and amazed at the turn of events on November 4th. I watched it all happen on a big screen at a church up the street from my house and witnessed the roar, screams and cries of excitement when the words " Breaking news: Obama elected President of the US" flashed across CNN. It was UNBELIEVABLE.

The crowd was so loud, I am sure people probably heard us across town. It was as if Jesus himself had made a surprise appearance. People were crying, wailing, shouting and stomping. It was like a big bomb filled with hope, love and joy had dropped.

I still cannot tell you exactly what it was was probably equal to the terror of the moment when that second airplane crashed into the 2nd tower in NY. IT WAS THE SURPRISE OF ALL SURPRISES. It was the best Christmas gift. It was so fulfilling. It was something that puts a permenant smile on my heart. I love that man. Wow, and I love our Creator. And America! *Muah*

I am so OVERJOYED and PROUD to be a citizen of a country such as this. Obama will you marry me? Will you hug me with your smile? Will your policies embrace me and protect me as I age?

Obama, will you lead me to higher heights and brighter skies? Will you give the youth a new hero? It is a blessing and a miracle to be able to share a country with a force, a voice, a Christian such as you. MUAH!

It's a shame, I am in love with Michelle's man. God so loved the world that he gave us Jesus and Jesus so loved America that he gave us that man; Barack Obama.

Is that over-reaching? maybe. But the history books will say: In 2008 a beautiful"Change" came and the world has never been the same.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain should be respected as a soldier, give him a medal NOT the Presidency

"John McCain Captured. Near Hanoi, North Vietnam: This photo, showing an unidentified man being pulled out of a lake, was radioed to Tokyo, October 27, by the North Vietnamese government. In a broadcast, October 27, Radio Hanoi reported that an American pilot identified as Lieutenant Commander John Sydney McCain, U.S.N., was rescued from Truc Bac Lake near Hanoi, October 26, after parachuting from his crippled aircraft, which had been hit by North Vietnamese ground fire.

The broadcast said that McCain had been pulled from the water by North Vietnamese soldiers, treated for injuries and jailed. October 26, 1967.

Fair use applies here. This photo documents a very significant event in the life of John McCain, an important public figure and politician. His captivity in Vietnam as a prisoner of war is described in the article "John McCain".

No free image of this event is known to exist, nor can one be created, as the photo documents an historical event"


Saturday, September 6, 2008

YES WE CAN!!!!!!


The Repubs cant even get together. Where was George W.Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell during the RNConvention? That Gustav was long gone by the end so that's not a good excuse.

I'll tell you why they were not there; They're mad at McCain for making such an ignorant choice for VP. Also, they don't want McCain to win. Repubs don't even like eachother, so why da heck do they expect us to?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Mrs. McCain said she is so proud that her husband chose a hockey mom, moose-hunting, gun packing, basketball shooting, blah blah blah mother of five as a Vice president"...and something inside me sings..."and a partridge in a pear tree." WAKE UP REPUBS!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!
The next thing they'll say is she is faster than a speeding bullet...well, they did say she flew 14 hours after her "water" broke and gave birth the same day. Hospital records proving that statement are yet to be found.

Oh how low can you go? Once you tell one lie you have to tell others. She's excited about being a grandma at 44. She can't wait to be a mother in law to the grown man who got her teenage daughter pregnant. Country first?: she led a team to try to make Alaska independent.
Wow! she's the least desperate housewife of them all!!!! Puhlease!!!! GIVE UP NOW, REPUBS!!! YOU'VE HAD 8 Years! Its OVER FOR YOU LIARS & WAR LOVERS!!!

P.S. That "Levi" sure looks uncomfortable sitting in the audience...Bristol's face says it all, "Cmon, we have to do this for mom. It's really important. She's trying to win..Please don't say anything."
It's only a matter of time before he gets tired of the hogwash and reveals the truth to America....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Palin Scandal info

Okay, I did see the baby move; its real but Bristol is not Sarah's biological daughter. She is her son's secret wife! I have proof. Check out the link:

Sarah Palin is a power monger who would do anything to get that #1 spot. I am afraid if they let her moose-hunting desperate housewife wannabe butt in the White House she will poison Mccain if not give him a heart attack by uncovering all her skeletons (lies)to the media. She is not the mother of that little ugly baby. She is not the mother of any children. They “mother” themselves! Their Myspace pages tell it all

More here:

Monday, September 1, 2008


Two likely scenarios:

The baby they carry around all the time who is ALWAYS sleeping is really a doll and the daughter is really pregnant. When the daughter has her baby they will announce that Sarah’s down syndrome doll baby died. Why would they have a fake baby? To pretend that Sarah had a baby. SHE DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO ANY BABY IN APRIL!!!! WHERE ARE THE PREGNANCY PICS???? YOU WONT FIND ONE!!!!

Another scenario:The baby is real and Palin’s daughter is really pregnant but the down syndrome baby was birthed by the 13 year old or the 17 year old. Why the such big cover up? Palin' s has been quoted in Newsweek saying she doesn't believe in abortion even if the pregnancy is a result of 'rape or incest". That was reported in 2006. Ironically two years and two babies we are.

The 17 year will have her second child or they will announce in a few months, that she had a miscarriage. The 17 yr is NOT CURRENTLY pregnant and SARAH did not have the down syndrome baby. The baby probably does not even have DS and whose to say the baby is even real???? HAS ANYONE HERE EVER SEEN THE BABY MOVE????

PS. How many of you are only 9 months younger than your uncle? There might be some but it doesn't take away from the icky-ness factor of this whole ordeal.